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Updating contact list

Ronda Meyer (1)Travel Safety Tips (1)Fire Safety (4)Daylight Saving Time (1)Traveling for the Holidays (1)access control (1)saying (1)Business Safety (1)Fire Inspections (1)Event Services (2)Business Security (5)Earth Day (1)Home Automation (1)Socia Media (1)Case Study (1)significant impact to our organization in 2017.Schwarz (1)Business Fire Safety Tips (1)Holiday Shopping (1)Part Time Employment (1)Saving Energy (1)full-service security company in the Midwest with more than 2 (1)Summer Vacation Tips (1)Burglary Prevention (3)Monitored Fire Alarms (1)Pre-Employment Screening (2)IA (1)Child Safety (1)Iowa – Per Mar Security Services (1)Vacation Security (1)and helped to implement Vantage Point to improve the efficiency of our cash posting process. From there, right-click any selected contact and choose "Add to Contacts". You can select all of them by selecting the first one, scrolling to the end of the list, and click the last item.It scans your contacts and makes updates based on information in the GAL.This week’s blog is designed to walk you through the importance of having an updated emergency contact list on file with us (or your current security provider) and how to update it. Like changing out the batteries in your smoke detectors biannually, it’s a small housekeeping item that matters in the big picture!Sometimes older lists are the best source for acquiring new business, especially after based on the multiple sources and years that went into creating the list in the first place.We’ll help you increase the accuracy and viability of an existing list, so that it surpasses any list you could purchase from the outside.

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There, you can make changes to your account including updating the emergency contact/call list.

Pro Tip: Confirm the most up-to-date information with each of your emergency contacts by calling each of them yourself (if you haven’t called them in a while).


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