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Speed dating with books library media connection

This is so much better than listening on i Tunes where all the music and other book get jumbled up together.I like all my books to be there and know exactly what I have. Sometimes I like to listen to two or three different books during the day as I go about my chores or just relax. I just upgraded to a new computer running Win10 and unfortunately neither I nor the Audible tech can get the Download Manager to run on my machine. It chooses where it stores MY books (on the C-drive so I'll have to download the entire library the next time I upgrade computers).

Now I am 😊 happy as a pig in slop.😁 Thank you for adding x2 listening speed! A versão 9 finalmente corrigiu os problemas e tornou o ato de ouvir audiobooks mais tranquilo e produtivo.Sometimes the narrator can be iffy but most are fairly good.I hang my device around my neck and listen while I clean with headphones to keep from disturbing anyone else.Leffler’s Yes To seed fund helps create gardens at schools located in impoverished areas across the country.Gustafson’s Feed Project takes simple burlap grain bags and turns them into chic accessories, funding school meals for children across the world. Fowler’s Svalbard Global Seed Vault deep inside a Norwegian mountain contains seed samples from crops around the world, more than 250 million seeds to date.So sit back, give this a read, get inspired, and start thinking now how to adapt it for your own school!What started as a gift grew into an idea and blossomed across the school community.As the director of libraries and one of the people on campus with the most experience in bringing speakers to campus (mainly authors), I was put on the speakers series committee.At our first meeting we tossed around topic ideas and possible speakers, and finally settled on the topic of global hunger, food, and sustainability.The interface between my Audible Windows app, my phone app, and my Echo is perfect. The only problem is that the sound pops when I do this. I don't always have time to sit with a book, but I often have a bus ride or drive that allows listening! UI and layout is very good, can brows from within the app, the quality of sound is great, even a transparent tile option.This isn't an issue on the android audible player, but I don't want to use up my phone battery if I am able to listen on my laptop as I'm working. After a shaky v1, I currently have no complaints at all with this updated version.


  1. Books. Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. My library.

  2. Saskatoon Library Retweeted Sask Book Awards. It's like the best kind of speed-dating. https. @stoonlibrary 1st try with #BlindDateWithABook turns out it was.

  3. Check out "Speed Dating with Books" in the PTHS library. Mr. Soares's sophomores hope to make a "Love Connection" during Speed Dating with Books. Include media.

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