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In 2006, she starred the role of Susie Carter in the miniseries Tsunami: The Aftermath. She is also famous for her role in the movie The Secret Life of Bees.Edit Till date she has been nominated in Image Awards for four different times in her life and put of these four nominations, she has been honored only once.When a geologist leads an expedition to the Antarctic plateau, his aim is to find rock and plant specimens from deep within the continent.The barren landscape offers no evidence of any life form - until they stumble upon the ruins of a lost civilization.

Authors will learn to how to cut through pop culture noise and win over a jaded modern audience by rediscovering the heart of writing: shaping stories that ring true to our shared understanding of human nature.

Max and Alissa have a fairy tale life - newlywed, madly in love and enviously rich.

Then Max is brutally stabbed to death at their home and Alissa, miraculously, escapes with her life. The hunt for the killer begins, uncovering a number of leads - was Max's incredible wealth the motive?

Had his shady business practices finally caught up with him? Ever since he made his first appearance in A Study In Scarlet, Sherlock Holmes has enthralled and delighted millions of fans throughout the world.

Now Audible is proud to present Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, read by Stephen Fry.


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