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Nedavno postavljena ograda pored dvorca je već oštećena(vjerojatno od udarca automobilom) tko će sanirati tu štetu i kada?Kada će se uređivati parking kod hotela Dunav, izgleda kao pravo ruglo našem gradu pri pogledu od svakog turista koji pristane bilo brodom ili autobusom.?The thing is one simply cannot judge a book by it's cover.Now I'm knocking on a bit and I still have this bit in my brain that wants a man older than me, but I've dated 5 or so years younger.I have no problem messaging women say 35 on here, but women of 45 and even one that was 49 I'm blocked!Until a decade or two ago, it was normal for males to be a lot older than a female partner.Kada će biti sanirane ili obnovljene i ostale zgrade odnosno kuće u I kompozicija baroka i suvremene moderne ne ide nikako sa ovim šatorima, pa se pitam koju to kulturu i tradiciju naše vrijeme predstavlja???

Ohne Girokonto läuft in Deutschland so gut wie nichts.

Manche Banken verlangen auch weitere Gebühren für Überweisungen in einer fremden Währung.

Die Kosten, die neben der Kontoführung anfallen, sind bei diesen Anbietern relativ gering.

I think often older men continue pursuing a career, travelling more of the world etc so if their work is interesting be they a doctor or photographer or pilot or architect or soldier, they are going to attract younger females inquisitive of the world, especially those who have already tired perhaps of shallower young men.

Or, they are asking me how much I earn and if I have property etc.


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