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Females, on the other hand, have to prove themselves first and if they make one mistake, no one will ever forget it." In a post-industrial revolution dystopia, females are also subject to the paid one-third less rule.

Women have to work doubly hard to prove themselves worthy for admission to this outdoor Disneyland fraternity—for which they will never be reimbursed equally. If it isn't direct exclusion from the men's proverbial locker room, it's silently complicit exclusion.

No matter which of the checkboxes above you can check as a single or attached person in Bend, odds are you've mentally got a blacked-out map of places to avoid.

Sorry, Mosby, but try living in Bend and trying to get over someone.This would prove to be one of the first times it would be clear I was "abnormal" for not wanting to be married.My 30s felt like one long dinner party discussion about married life—really fucking boring.With new people moving to Bend all the time, it gives us, the perpetually single, a little hope.We may not have met "the one" yet, but there are good odds if they aren't in Bend now, they will be soon.If you thought mainstream Western society was built for boys (workplace, bars, educational institutions), times that by 1 million for the outdoor industry.How often has a male coworker said, explicitly or implicitly, "We should really hire a professional to do that..." for a task in my job description, as the director of a department?end's version of girl meets boy is often played out under the veiled equality of the outdoor industry—where women are totally included, "as long as. She needs to be capable enough to pull her own weight—because men aren't going to do everything for her—because we are all equal, right?..." My gender cohort and best friend describes the "as long as" clause nicely, saying, "As long as you're cute, but not too cute. But she needs to be chill enough to not use the word feminist or acknowledge micro aggressions or speak her mind.The places you used to go together with the one you loved now seem haunted by the ghosts of a past life.But on the plus side, you can discover new rad spots to hang out in Bend, as there's no shortage of places to regain your strength and meet someone new.


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  2. News Forums Crime Dating. Bend-La Pine set to change sex education policy. La Pine becomes Oregon's newest city.

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