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The Scottish couple were runners who scouted for Thorfinn Karlsefni's expedition in c.

1010, gathering wheat and the grapes for which Vinland was named.

Displaced Scots went in search of a better life and settled in the thirteen colonies, mainly around South Carolina and Virginia.

(up to 10% of the total US population), the subgroups overlapping and not always distinguishable because of their shared ancestral surnames.

Americans of Scottish descent outnumber the population of Scotland, where 4,459,071 or 88.09% of people identified as ethnic Scottish in the 2001 Census.

The first Scots in North America came with the Vikings.

By the 1670s Glasgow was the main outlet for Virginian tobacco, in open defiance of English restrictions on colonial trade; in return the colony received Scottish manufactured goods, emigrants and ideas.

The earliest Scottish communities in America were formed by traders and planters rather than farmer settlers.

The hub of Scottish commercial activity in the colonial period was Virginia.

In the early years of Spanish colonization of the Americas, a Scot named Tam Blake spent 20 years in Colombia and Mexico.

He took part in the conquest of New Granada in 1532 with Alonso de Heredia.


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