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As more and more of that rock is weathered by the mechanical effects of freezing and thawing, the chemical and mechanical action of roots, or by other means, the soil is deepened.However, the deeper that soil gets, the more insulated the parent rock becomes to weathering.Whatever damage is done to the clay by the few penetrating roots may, for all I know, be patched up by clay particles sifting down through the soil.The yard is located, along with much of San Diego, on a plateau, and meandering streams over thousands or millions of years have brought rocks down from the hills and rounded them into boulders.Such sediment, even if from nearby hills, would normally carry very little organic material as the weathering slopes, themselves, would not have much to begin with.

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Large areas of Canada, for instance, have been eroded down to the Precambrian basement rock!Fewer roots now reach the parent rock, and, in the bottom layers, the organic content of the soil is greatly reduced.That means less chemical weathering from bacteria and fungi.It is no longer a paradise for bacteria, and fungi.What organic material it did have is often lost by decay and slow oxidation.The sediment added to our patch of land may be great for building new soil, but if it accumulates too quickly it will merely bury the existing soil. In any case, the old topsoil, now compressed and deeply buried by sediment and soil, is no longer turned over by earthworms or small animals.It is deprived of oxygen and fresh organic material, such as rotting leaves.I suspect that most of them belong to plants which were chopped down years ago.There's not much down there in that clay to completely rot them away.Geologically speaking, any given patch of land is seldom in equilibrium for long.Either it is collecting sediment or being eroded away, usually the latter. Water-borne sediment will be washed in from higher ground, perhaps hills and mountains hundreds of miles away.


  1. Known as the Commonage, the area where Predator Ridge is located, is home to a long history in what was the economic hub of the Okanagan in the early 1900's. Take a.

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