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Polycom ip 6000 updating initial configuration

This warning does not apply to the 60x or any future models.

The Polycom phones have a large display and several programmable buttons, and all but the 30x have a very high-quality full-duplex speakerphone.

It includes additional features including: LCD backlight, USB port, G.722 wideband codec, metal faceplate accents, 6 additional SIP registrations when used with the expansion module (12 lines total).

It still has all the 600 features including POE and 10/100meg ethernet support.

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WARNING: The IP 30x and IP 50x models do not have on-board Power Over Ethernet chips.Please submit any suggestions to Polycom For features request, here is the form: Provisioning Central Boot Serve Installing polycom firmware version 3.0 and auto provisioning with trixbox Database driven Polycom provisioning with Asterisk Real Time Polycom Worldwide offers several SIP-capable phones: There are other part numbers for phones with MGCP and with no software.While the 30x, 50x, and 600 can be converted between SIP and MGCP, but this is unreliable and thus not recommended.The new Polycom Sound Station IP 4000 supports SIP and uses the same SIP software as the Sound Point IP 30x/50x/60x phones.See is a touchscreen videophone that supports SIP and H.323 video.It is mostly the same as the 600 but with the addition of the side slide connector with power and Ir DA for the expansion console.The expansion attendant console supports 14 additional line keys using SIP software from the 601.Although the phone claims to support 802.3af and the Cisco POE standard (note it says "optional"), the an additional cable (see part list above) is required on these models.This raises the list price to 5 or 5 when used in a Power over Ethernet environment; if you know you're going to need Po E, buy the part with the Po E cable included (and no wall power brick) to save money.Both have better pickup range then before and support additional microphones. Sound Point 560The Sound Point IP 550 is an upgrade to the 500 line.It includes additional features including: LCD backlight, G.722 wideband codec. The Sound Point IP 320/330 2 line IP phones were recently released.


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