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Oracle consolidating databases

The question has to be asked, if organizations are consolidating hardware resources to virtual environments, how are the associated databases effected?Organizations either move the databases as is to the virtual environments or opt to a single database with multiple schemas, hence database consolidation with security concerns.With the use of PDBs, Oracle has removed these complex solutions by implementing a concept called Security by Separation.This is simply implemented by creating N 1 PDBs and the users associated with each PDB are separate from the CDB and any additional PDBs.Database consolidation with multiple schemas is one approach that can be used to shrink database footprints; however, this type of consolidation often leads to many different complex solutions to implement.If database consolidation using multiple schemas is complex, what other options are there to consolidate a database environment?By separating users between the CDB and PDBs, an organization can achieve a greater security centric approach to consolidation of databases while providing individual databases for applications.

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Keep in mind; the 252 number is dependent on the size server the CDB and PDBs are running on.Long before the official release of Oracle Database 12c, the initial announcement was made at Oracle Open World 2012.This announcement started the buzz around pluggable databases and what exactly would it consist of.Pluggable Databases is really the term used to describe a type of database within Oracle Database 12c.The concept however is really called Multi-Tenant databases.When we start using multi-tenant databases, organizations can start shrinking their database footprint while shrinking their hardware footprint.When talking about multi-tenant databases, we need to look at the architecture to understand how they work.By now, many of us have downloaded, installed and either played with or implemented the latest release of the Oracle Database.If you haven’t downloaded the latest release, I would recommend that you do so and see what it has in store for not only your organization but also the industry as a whole.Within a CDB/PDB configured database, a Common User resides at the CDB level.Common Users can access any PDB that is housed within the CDB.


  1. CERTIFIED FOR VIRTUALIZING ORACLE DATABASES. One.mainframe.complexity. hardware.operating.systems. Oracle. only.own.virtualization.solutions.is. IBM. System.z.running. Linux. Oracle.software.stacks.

  2. Expert Consolidation in Oracle Database 12c is your key to reducing data management costs and increasing data center efficiency. Consolidation and cloud computing are converging trends sweeping the industry. The same technologies enabling cloud computing enable consolidation as well, leading to savings on all.

  3. You have two options Run multiple Oracle instances on the same machine; Consolidate all of your Oracle instances into a single instance, placing the data in separate schemas. Since you're familiar with SQL Server/Sybase, I'll explain the difference between them & Oracle as far as databases and users.

  4. Oct 22, 2013. Consolidation of databases is one of the primary reasons to use the Pluggable Database option within Oracle Database 12c. Pluggable Databases is really the term used to describe a type of database within Oracle Database 12c. The concept however is really called Multi-Tenant databases. When we start.

  5. Mar 11, 2014. My presentation at Oracle Tech Day in Riga, Latvia on September 18th, 2013. Introduction to Oracle 12c Multitenant option.

  6. This document describes the configuration of three different solutions for virtualizing Oracle database servers on VMware® Infrastructure and EMC Celerra storage. These solutions enable enterprises to take a number of their departmental databases and consolidate them on to a smaller number of servers, thereby reducing.

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