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No matter where you are; in a bar, coffee shop, library or supermarket, singles badge will keep you alerted to other singles that meet your search criteria within your close proximity.

This isn't a dating site, it's just an app to say 'hey I'm single' and allows you to see other singles close to you.

You may even see the person first then check on the app to see if they are single.

Collect flirts from people to move up the top 100 most flirts on the entire app.

A badge is any visual token of achievement, affiliation, authorization, or other trust relationship.

Open Badges applies this concept to the web, with connected, verifiable credentials. Open Badges are a flexible and portable way to recognize learning and can sit alongside traditional qualifications and professional accreditation. Badges can represent many different skills and achievements, ranging from collaboration to certification.

See programs offering badges of many types among the Participating Issuers and read more about designing a badge program: Get started issuing badges.

If your single, this is your must have free singles app!See Get Started Issuing Open Badges for more detail.The important part is that the Issuer profile should represent the person or organization who should be seen as trustworthy by target Recipients and Consumers to award the credentials they would like to offer.See Get Started Issuing Badges You may see references to the “Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI)”, a predecessor to the more open architecture of the updated term “Open Badges ecosystem”.The OBI was the Mozilla Foundation badges team’s original architecture and API design that connected Issuer and Displayer applications with badge Recipients’ Mozilla Backpack accounts.The OBI model and the newer Open Badges ecosystem model support a multitude of Issuers conferring badges into the ecosystem, as well as many Displayers and Recipients using badges to share their competencies and achievements.Anyone can earn badges across many Issuers, collect them in one place tied to their identity, then share them with various websites and audiences.Open Badges can represent a more detailed picture than a CV or résumé and are verified before being displayed.Interested parties can rest assured that a badge represents a legitimate, authenticated achievement, the nature of which is described within the badge itself, which is also linked to the issuing organization.Note that this will not work on a Moodle hosted locally/offline.Ticking this box will allow teachers to add and manage badges in their courses.


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