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In light of the second wave of the Vivian Gee e-mails, Chris's spending in early 2010 is impressive.

Despite being supposedly put on a strict budget by his father at the time (in order to pay down debts created by his earlier PSN spending), he still managed to spend around 0 or more a month.

A list of Chris's PSN purchases reveals that he frequently buys DLC for games he doesn't even own.

(The logical conclusion is that the second level of Bio Shock will blow your mind.) In public, he also prominently featured games he never really played; the PS3 History Level shows many games that he touched only a few times (Mirror's Edge and Bio Shock, for example, currently sit at 11% and 9% respectively), and in the PS3 tutorial, Chris says he thinks PAIN is a "fun" game, yet he let it sit at 0%.

As a result of his online notoriety, his poor choice of passwords, and his innate gullibility, Chris’s Play Station Network account was hacked or otherwise wrested from his control on multiple occasions.

Play Station users have had to put up with problems with core Play Station Network services throughout 2015, including times when the whole network has been unavailable to use.

This article contains link(s) which have been cut down by the Internet Lumberjack or which have otherwise crashed into slumber due to the hug of death.


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  4. Yup, I got placed in some group and the person left a bunch of messages about "Free PSN codes". It always happened when I was on my PS3 though, then I'd check on my PS4 and see the group thing. I just changed my settings to received messages from Friends Only. Oh yeah, they always ended with.

  5. May 8, 2015. Imo, it's not "acceptable" to make a thread looking for Korean members either. Gay, straight, black, white, Asian whatever. I'm a gamer first and foremost. Your sex, color, Creed, religion, etc shouldn't matter. We're gamers, we shouldn't be worried about someone's differences. As long as they aren't jerks.

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