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Endpoint not updating

Device Control), installation may require two or more reboots to complete the agent upgrade.

Make sure any required reboots are completed: For the corresponding agent, check the Console In the Protected Computers tab of the console, the agent version field is shaded orange for those agents that need to be updated to the latest agent software version.

The final step above ensures the edited policy propagates to all agents before the console is updated.

If a new Veeam Endpoint Backup version is available, you can update the product on one endpoint, or on a group of endpoints at a time. During its execution, the script instructs Veeam Endpoint Backup to download the setup file from the Veeam Update Server and initiate the update procedure.

Before you trigger the update process, make sure that Veeam Endpoint Backup has been activated.

VIPRE Endpoint Security requires a minimum OS version of Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008.

This is a product design safeguard that prevents one administrator from overwriting a different administrator's settings without notification.


  1. Jul 5, 2017. Get the checklist to make sure clients can get updates from the OfficeScan server when updating from the Update Agent is not possible, or when the Update Agent is not hosting a program or hot fix updates.

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