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in Leo vs Evil he comes up a simple solution when everyone else was trying to over-complicate things).The stereotypical "small, nerdy kid" actually has self esteem, and is able to fight.Davenport." -Leo calls him "Big D." Tasha calls him by his first name ("Donald").

Sure, she has crushes, but what girl doesn't, and they are such a small part of the show.

Now, his relationship status is single and has not been romantically involved with anyone.

Currently, he resides in Los Angeles giving all of his attention to his career.

After that, he landed on one of the title roles in the Disney Channel movie ‘Jack and Janet Save the Planet’.

Spencer Boldman made his big screen debut from the movie 21 Jump Street alongside Channing Tatum.


  1. A scrawny 14-year-old, having discovered his inventor stepdad has three bionic, super-powered teens living cloistered in a secret lab beneath their home, brings them.

  2. Josh Dun with his girlfriend Behind the scenes of Debby Ryan on. Med Lab Mighty Med Debby Ryan Ryan O'neal Tv Disney Xd Lab Rats Disney. Debby and bradley.

  3. Is Spencer Boldman dating anyone. Spencer boldman is dating debby ryan. Spencer Boldman is an actor who is best known for his role in the TV series 'Lab Rats.

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