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The curriculum builds heavily on electronics theory, chemistry, and human physiology with emphasis on typical bioelectronic devices and their laboratory applications. PHYSICS Courses marked * not available in every curriculum. *11.304 General Physics I (2 cl., 2 q.h.) Survey of Newtonian mechanics; kinematics and dynamics of particle motion; projectile and circular motion; rotational motion, conservation laws of energy and momentum. 92 / ACADEMIC PROGRAMS OF INSTRUCTION Bioelectronic Engineering Technology Leading to the Degree of Associate in Engineering The program in Bioelectronics Engineering Technology prepares the graduate to assume responsibilities related to the design, installation, and operation of modern medical electronic devices used in the measurement, recording, and analysis of anatomical, physiological, and biochemical functions in humans and animals. *11.305 General Physics II (2 cl., 2 q.h.) , Temperature; heat energy; mechanical equivalent of heat; wave motion; sound;| Doppler's effect; properties of light; simple optical systems. Interviews Prospective students, or those desiring advice or guidance regarding my part of the school work or curricula, are encouraged to arrange for )ersonal interviews. Appointments may be arranged by telephoning he Lincoln College office at 437-2500. Hale William Hellman *Ernest Henderson III Walter F. Martin I'Member of the Board of Trustees Honorary Trustee Frank L. Stearns, Honorary Vice Chairman Class of 1974 David H. Richardson, deceased January 23, 1974 tt President Emeritus of the University 10 Class of 1976 Class of 1977 Diana J.

)lane; indeterminate forms, L'Hospital's rule.

Course Number 10.307, 10.308 10.320 11.317, 11.318, 11.319 03.301, 03.302, 03.303 09.307, 09.308, 09.309 10.321, 10.322, 10.323 12.507, 12.508, 12.509 03.304, 03.306, 03.323 11.320 03.311,03.312 18.507, 18.508, 18.509 03.351,03.352,03.353 03.357, 03.358, 03.359 09.351, 09.352, 09.353 First Year Course College Algebra and Trigonometry I, II Calculus I Physics I, II, III Second Year Circuit Theory 1, II, III Electrical and Electronic Graphics, I, II, III Calculus, II, III, IV 'Modern Chemistry I, II, III Q. i .0.364 Modern Applied Algebra (4 cl., 4 q.h.) I itroduce the language of abstract algebra to the following topics: graphs, finite ; tate machines, programming languages, Boolean Algebra, lattices, coding for ommunication channels and radar. (No credit to students who have passed 10.329.) 'rereg. 0.401 Foundations of Mathematics 1 (2 cl., 2 q.h.) I See General Interest Courses, pages 152-153.) 1 0.402 Foundations of Mathematics II (2 cl., 2 q.h.) ISee General Interest Courses, pages 152-153.) i] .0.403 Foundations of Mathematics III (2 cl., 2 q.h.) See General Interest Courses, pages 152-153.) to.421 Calculus — A (4 cl., 4 q.h.) (Day Curriculum) j^pplications of derivatives to curve-sketching; antidifferentiation; the definite in- legral, with applications; calculus of non-algebraic functions — logarithmic, ii Xponential, and trigonometric. 128 / DESCRIPTION OF COURSES 10.422 Calculus — B (3 cl., 4 q.h.) (Day Curriculum Calculus of functions of several variables, partial differentiation, multiple in tegrals, infinite series.


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