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The snappers had clearly been tipped off about the former BBC Northern Ireland presenter’s movements last Friday night, hence the posse camped outside Lampard’s place hoping to catch the pair off-guard.In the end what they got was Christine leaving with a friend of the football star, rather than the man himself.“I remember that my friends and I tried to cheat in Latin by writing the answers on our legs, then pulling our skirts up to look at the words.But we got caught by our teacher and she chucked us out of the classroom.From the air you can get a sense of how they built these things.

Miss Bleakley reportedly took Mr Lampard to meet her family in Belfast over the New Year's holiday and was introduced to to Chelsea star's siblings Natalie and Claire at a Beyoncé concert in London last month.

’ Because they must have been party to how it was designed,” she adds.“You forget that these were people with families and feelings and all the sorts of problems that we have nowadays.

It does make you wonder how much any of us have changed in all that time.”Documentary making has become something of a theme for Christine.

She then told the Mail: “Well, when you start seeing someone and it’s early days, you need to know them a bit before you come out and say you’re dating.” It is understood Christine has enjoyed a number of secret dates with 31-year-old Lampard, who had a bitter split with his fiancee Elen Rives (34) last year.

On Saturday at 2am she was photographed leaving his home accompanied by one of his close friends.


  1. Christine Bleakley finally admits she IS dating Frank Lampard. but will he be the One? By Richard Simpson for MailOnline Updated EST, 17 November 2009

  2. Christine first found fame on The One Show, alongside co-host Adrian Chiles. The pair made a big money move from the BBC to ITV to present Daybreak, which failed to.

  3. Christine Louise Lampard née Bleakley, born 2 February 1979 is a Northern Irish broadcaster from Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland, best known for her.

  4. February 2018. Frank Lampard, Jr and Christine Bleakley photos, news and gossip. Find out more about.

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