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Catch and release dating game

Personally, I think it’s awesome just because of how crazy it is. The game is due for release on the 13th of July and you can view the official Steam page here.

1978 MY 1971 ARREST & EXTRADITION OF RODNEY ALCALA FOR RAPE/ATT-MURDER In 1971 my three-year search for Rodney Alcala, a brutal child-rapist wanted by Hollywood Division’s LAPD for rape and attempted murder finally ended. In that meeting a decision was made to join forces in attempting to locate and arrest fugitive Rodney Alcala by placing him on the Bureau’s- -“10 MOST WANTED LIST.” We did and it paid off –big-time.

Sadly, this would turn out to be JUST THE BEGINNING of this monster’s murderous crime spree.

Because of multiple failures in “The System” and his release after serving just a little over two years in prison his incarceration would become no more than a stepping stone to bigger and more horrific crimes.

In the game, you play a Dad, who is single and needs to find himself a hot new partner.

They keep texting you or Facebook messaging you, but there's no talk of planning a third date.

Or, if there is, something always ends up getting in the way.

The traditional dynamic, which casts the male partner (in heterosexual relationships) or the partner with a more masculine gender expression (in same-sex relationships) in the role of pursuer or aggressor is about as outdated as the notion that a woman's place is in the home.

(Uh-huh.)It's like Uncle Ben said: "With great power comes great responsibility." So, it's up to us to figure out when to make the first move and when to wait it out; when to initiate the postdate text convo and when to leave that to our crush; when someone is actually really busy with work and when they're pulling a fade-out.


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