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The motivation is unsure, but they seem to be denying that caste is a bad thing or that it was imposed by evil invaders.This is often leavened with dollops of caste is a good thing, or caste is normal, or caste hardly exists anymore talk, or other pro-caste propaganda.We may use this to deduce that Indians may be, along with Berbers, some of the most ancient Caucasian stocks on Earth.

This is a Pashtun kid (with a non-human kid on his shoulders) from northern Pakistan – specifically, the area where the Pakistani Taliban and Al Qaeda leadership is thought to be hiding. I understand that these women are quite beautiful, but in this region, they go into purdah, or isolation, at puberty, and pretty much no one ever gets to see them anymore.Hindus believe something like that Hindus have always been in India, so if you say anything scientifically different, the Hindu fundamentalist boneheads are going to freak out and probably even threaten you.Wonderful people, and surely as stupid as any Christian or Muslim fundamentalist anywhere.Although he appears to be red-haired, he has actually died his beard with henna. Pashtuns describe themselves as Aryans, and say that they are the base that the European Whites came from.No one really knows, but the White European type that we know today probably came into existence with the spread of Indo-European across the continent 8,000 years ago.On many genetic charts, Indians of both the northwest and the southeast tend to ride the divide between Asians and Caucasians very closely.There are some ancient peoples in India who may represent the earliest Indians of all.I think it’s pretty hilarious that so many White nationalist morons say that this kid is not White.With a constricted mindset like that, WN is doomed for sure. Another interesting Pashtun from northwest Pakistan. This is where you find the most European-looking types in the area.There is also a northwest – southeast cline, with those towards the northwest being more European and those towards the southeast becoming more Asian.Nevertheless, the best evidence is that Indians are a coherent race (they cluster together on genetic tests and there is no way to winnow out Aryans and Dravidians via genes) and they have been evolving, more or less in situ, with few outside inputs, for a good 15-20,000 years. Where did the Indians come from prior to 17,000 years ago? What is interesting about this theory is that we know that Indians look like Aborigines until about 8,000 years ago, when they begin to transition to Caucasians.


  1. Radiocarbon dating of both the resin and body by. that such contacts as outlined above. the possibility that Jewish seafarers may have come to.

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