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However, not everyone has agreed with the hypothesis that the placement of the flowering plant offerings at the burial site was a conscious choice of the Neanderthals.

The original report described the existence of animal holes around the burial along with the fossil remains of the Persian jird (This rodent species lives in large colonies and is known to store large amount of seeds and flowers in its burrows.

In addition, the use of herbs in an internal (spiritual) capacity is generally frowned upon, even illegal in many cases, effectively 'emasculating' the ancient art of herbalism.

It is perhaps first worth noting that there are numerous examples in the literature regarding other animals known to use a variety of plants and minerals 'medicinally' in nature, and it is a reasonable inference that humans always shared a similar basic relationship with the minerals and plants around them.

It is now said that the 'Hallmark' of the Palaeolithic diet is the 'Huge number of diversity of plants in their diet', with estimates of 20 to 25 different vegetables a day being commonplace.

It has been proposed by several authors that experiencing such altered-states, may have played a substantial role in the development of the primitive human imagination.

The role of herbs in the religious/spiritual journey is still widely visible today in the act of incensing (smudging), an almost insignificant tradition which prevails in all the major religions, yet one with roots to the dawn of human consciousness.

The flowers were mainly small, brightly-coloured varieties, possibly woven into the branches of a shrub.

Soleki has pointed out that most of the flowers are known to have herbal properties and are used by the people today'.


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