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If you have claimed a relevant disability benefit that will give you entitlement to WTC (including the disability element) you need to make your claim for WTC within 31 days of the decision on your disability benefit.If you make the claim within 31 days, your WTC will be backdated to the start date of your disability benefit (as long as you met the other qualifying conditions for WTC during that period) or, if later, the date you started to meet the other qualifying conditions for WTC.If you met the rules for the new elements before you told HMRC about the change, they can backdate the change to your award up to 1 month, but you will need to ask for this.Back to the top Some claims (and changes of circumstances) can be backdated longer than 31 days.

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In certain circumstances, it may be possible to award benefit / reduction from an earlier date. The maximum amount of time that your claim can be backdated is different for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction claims.

If you have had to wait to hear about getting a disability benefit paid, you might want to have your tax credits backdated to the date you claimed it.

Some people may only qualify for WTC if they meet the criteria for the disability element of WTC.

If she does not make the claim within those 31 days, she can still claim WTC but will only receive 31 days' backdating.

If you now qualify for extra elements to be included because you (or someone in your family) start getting a qualifying benefit, you should contact HMRC straight away so they can be added to your claim.


  1. At time of this writing, Tumblr posts can be backdated for the public-facing end on desktop only, meaning that the post will be physically displayed in the now-backdated order, as well as showing the backdated timestamp on the footnote of the post.

  2. Jan 2, 2008. If this backdating occurred without public disclosure, the recipient of the stock options received increased compensation in violation of Securities and Exchange Commission SEC regulations, generally accepted accounting rules, and tax laws. Some backdating is said to involve “sloppiness,” not fraud.

  3. Nov 14, 2017. The date you are paid tax credits from is usually the date HMRC receive your claim form – this is your date of claim. However, you can be paid for an earlier period in certain circumstances. This is called backdating.

  4. You may be able to get your housing benefit backdated for a limited period. Different time limits apply for working age and pension age claimants.

  5. Apr 26, 2007. Whenever I write about backdating, many people write in to tell me that backdating's not illegal; you just have to account for it correctly. Since

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