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Then Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad repeated his sick denial of the Holocaust.

If the Iranians behave at the October dialogue as they say they will, then the Americans should persist with it for about 10 minutes before moving to comprehensive sanctions against Iran as the only possible alternative to an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, possibly before Christmas.

Yet the striking thing, almost a year into the Obama presidency, is how little substantial talk with these enemies has gone on and how what talk has gone on has produced absolutely nothing. The Iranians have made a kind of pantomime dance out of mocking dialogue with Obama.

He wants to talk about their weapons-based uranium enrichment and their flouting of International Atomic Energy Agency rules. They steal an election, bash, murder and rape their opponents into submission and deliberately miss Obama’s solemn deadline of September for starting talks.

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He gave the Russians a huge concession this month by abruptly cancelling a missile defence system that would have been based in Poland and the Czech Republic.

That is the perfect situation for any US president. Lots of people love him and he is indeed very lovable.

It can’t be sustained, of course, and Bush squandered the love part of the equation much more quickly and much more comprehensively than he should have. But I wonder if anyone at all, anywhere in the world, really fears him.

IT may seem rather unkind to express some serious doubts about US President Barack Obama just now.

He is wowing the UN with talk of nuclear disarmament.


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